thinkinman: (//ticked)
[Accidental audio is heard over the PDA. The cats are yelping, and soon follows sounds of slaughter. Eventually it all falls almost silent, except for Delta's heavy, frightened breathing.]
thinkinman: (//desu~)
[So, Eleanor's gone again. The usually chipper Delta is a bit frustrated by this turn of events, and his cracks are beginning to show. The combined stress of often being lonesome and the mansion constantly berating him at every turn is starting to get to him.

The video feed shows Delta, sans helmet. Yes, his marred up face is completely visible, and he seems to be drinking from a bottle of scotch. He's sitting at the foot of his bed, and the plush doll in his image, the one that he received during the Christmas event, is resting on his lap. He drinks for a while, then tips his head down and soundlessly mouths.]

You never gave up, and neither will I.

[He eventually lays back on the over-sized bed. One of the surviving cats leaps onto his chest, purring, and he pets it soothingly.]
thinkinman: (//take my hand)
Everyone, please tell me if you see my daughter here.

I just


Apr. 5th, 2011 09:57 pm
thinkinman: (//all too well)
I haven't seen my mirror, or even heard from him since I first came here. The only thing I've ever heard was another mirror talking about him. I wonder what happened to him, or why he's so absent.
thinkinman: (//colors)
Well, this event seems fairly tame so far. I hope the music ends soon, though. It's giving me a headache.

Does anyone know if this candy is safe to eat?

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