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2012-06-22 04:56 pm
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HMD + permission

How am I doing lovelies? Am I as good as I was before? Did I suck before, too? Please, give me some feedback in the comments section of this post. :3!!

Death?: Always ask.
Severe injury?: Always ask.

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2012-06-22 04:53 pm

CR chart - work in progress


comrade in arms

enemy of war



left and returned








NAME[✔ ☈ ✘]
❝ kaljsdhjkashsd kjashdkljsahd sdj hkjashh sdhkjshfjs hsdhksjdhfsj hdfjkashfskjdhgskjd hfsjkdhdsjh sjh sdjhsj sjshdjshgjsdhgs kd. ❞

NAME[✔ ☈ ✘]


NAME[✔ ☈ ✘]
❝ ... ❞

NAME[✔ ☈ ✘]

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2012-06-22 04:45 pm
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- Things die, time fades away.

All the old entries on this journal are for archive purposes only. No character in Eway has access to them, and they are no longer open for commenting or anything else. All posts will be posed to the Entranceway DW community as of my last apping.
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2012-02-05 08:39 pm
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- Delta was a novelist, specifically writing about urban legends and myths.

- He likes shitty old monster movies. :o

-Delta is roughly 7' tall. His suit alone is 400lbs (believe it or not typical of the period!!), not counting body weight, putting him at over 600 lbs total.

-Delta probably IS the biological father of Eleanor. Nope, this doesn't mean he's Lamb's boyfriend, gross. It means Lamb used his DNA to create Eleanor. This was seen in an audio message deleted from the game, saying that Lamb purchased his DNA at random. The file wasn't in the game itself, but is still in there. Idk if I'm making this headcanon, it doesn't matter anyway.

-Eating = remove helmet. There's no other explanation. :l

-Delta is around 46 years old!!

-He smokes pretty frequently.

-Delta's face is messed up. A part of his jawbone is visible, one of his eyes appears damaged, and his skin is extremely pale and wrinkled. His eyes, obviously, are bright fucking yellow, and slightly luminescent.


-Delta will have trouble typing in the beginning. As he gets used to the keypad and learns to take more time, his typos will become less apparent.
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2011-04-23 09:13 pm

stfu fledgling

[Accidental audio is heard over the PDA. The cats are yelping, and soon follows sounds of slaughter. Eventually it all falls almost silent, except for Delta's heavy, frightened breathing.]
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2011-04-11 05:24 pm

[Accidental Video]

[So, Eleanor's gone again. The usually chipper Delta is a bit frustrated by this turn of events, and his cracks are beginning to show. The combined stress of often being lonesome and the mansion constantly berating him at every turn is starting to get to him.

The video feed shows Delta, sans helmet. Yes, his marred up face is completely visible, and he seems to be drinking from a bottle of scotch. He's sitting at the foot of his bed, and the plush doll in his image, the one that he received during the Christmas event, is resting on his lap. He drinks for a while, then tips his head down and soundlessly mouths.]

You never gave up, and neither will I.

[He eventually lays back on the over-sized bed. One of the surviving cats leaps onto his chest, purring, and he pets it soothingly.]
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2011-04-08 09:08 pm

false hopes.

Everyone, please tell me if you see my daughter here.

I just
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2011-04-05 09:57 pm


I haven't seen my mirror, or even heard from him since I first came here. The only thing I've ever heard was another mirror talking about him. I wonder what happened to him, or why he's so absent.
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2011-03-19 03:26 pm
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More drugs?!

Well, this event seems fairly tame so far. I hope the music ends soon, though. It's giving me a headache.

Does anyone know if this candy is safe to eat?
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2011-03-07 06:57 pm

Δ: Alone

[Delta's room has been replaced with a large cell, much like the fear event. The heavy steel door lets no light in, and he's trapped inside again. Delta's been trying to hide his recent loneliness, and the mansion's exaggerating that by putting him in almost complete isolation. Inside the room is are whitewashed walls with no furniture, and a static white noise fills the hall from inside.]


I need help. My room is..blocked off.
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2011-03-02 03:12 pm

Δ: HELLO (backdated a bit)

[The video feed clicks on to show Delta rummaging through his drawers. He could have sworn he left his clip in here..]
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2011-02-08 06:43 pm

bad feeling.

I can't shake a bad feeling about this event. Be careful.
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2011-01-23 09:56 pm

Δ: ???


I can't believe the mansion would go so far as to do this.
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2011-01-12 08:05 pm

Δ: Maybe I am Rhambo...[Hall video]

[The hall feed clicks on to show a large trail of blood leading from his apartment due to th einvasion. A horrible series of noises can be heard within the room. Cats are yowling and gunshots echo through the nearby areas.]
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2010-12-31 09:58 pm

Δ: Christmas!

Merry Christmas, all of you.


Jack: board games.

Mark: A potted poinsettia.

Tim: handheld sega genesis from the vendors.]
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2010-12-17 08:53 pm


So this is Christmas, but why is there a hippopotamus on the first floor?
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2010-11-24 03:15 pm
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Δ: door?!

We need to find a way to open it. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can? What haven't we tried?

[Yup, Delta's been very interested in the door. He's now going to act like the rest of the affected others, chillin' around the door around the clock.]
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2010-11-09 09:51 pm

Δ: Backdated to the 6th-8th

[Well, Delta's alive, but he seems to be trapped in his room now. The typically nice oak door is replaced with a heavy steel one. His video feed is on constantly during the event, broadcasting his room from the ceiling. Text shows under the video, simply 004. The Alpha is seen trying to escape periodically, but slowly he's seen caring less. He becomes more animalistic during the event, behaving much like your typical Big Daddy.]
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2010-10-28 10:34 pm

Δ: and nowww...

[This certainly is the worst possible time for the comm's device to start broadcasting. The video feed clicks on, in Tam's newly abandoned clinic. It's way past midnight, almost three in the morning. A few medical books are tossed haphazardly on the floor, and Delta is refiling through various medical cabinets. He seems less like a man and more like a splicer in the way he carries himself. Despite the weird, splicer-esque mannerisms he seems to be nervous. Of course, his body posture is the only thing that gives hints of that.

He pauses every so often to pace nervously, before going back to looking. Finally he seems to have found something, even though the label can't be seen clearly.