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Character Name: Subject Delta/ Johnny Topside.

Series: Bioshock

Timeline: End of game, best ending.

Canon Resource Link: (Nothing here talks about Johnny, just sayin' that he made a brief cameo in the book. He was spoken about by two other characters who just relayed his history. Nothing else. :( boo hoo. )

Character Background: A man was researching a series of vessels that mysteriously vanished within a triangular stretch of ocean. These disappearances were actually caused by Rapture, an underwater city far from the public eye. The curious man somehow managed to construct a saturation chamber that allowed him to dive down far enough to experience Rapture for himself. At first he was met with suspicious glances but not hatred. He became a bit of a celebrity, nicknamed Johnny Topside. Eventually a reporter by the name of Stanley Poole made the leader of the city, Ryan, extremely concerned about Johnny's presence. The unwary explorer was tossed into a detention center named Persephone because of Stanley's prodding. Johnny was adamantly accused of being a CIA spy.

Persephone was owned by a wealthy man named Sinclair. Sinclair found out he could sell prisoners to questionable researchers to get money. Johnny was sold off for a quick buck as nothing more than a hunk of meat to test shit out on. Rapture's name can hardly be brought up without discussing its brand of science. The city's main achievement and main failure was ADAM. This substance was found secreted by a species of sea-slugs on the ocean floor. ADAM was made up of unstable stem cells that could be used in genetic engineering. The amount of ADAM secreted by these sea-slugs couldn't be used for much, as its quantity was too small. Tenenbaum, a genetic scientist, discovered that this slug could be implanted in little girls.

These girls would discharge massive amounts of ADAM after they fed. ADAM was then processed into serums called Plasmids, which created the actual modification. Plasmids became extremely popular. These chemical cocktails offered a wide range of abilities to civilians. However, ADAM was highly addictive and had severely negative long term effects. Little girls were the only viable host for the slug, and once made into a host they became virtually immortal. They were only as strong as mortal children; hence the children needed protection when gathering ADAM from corpses to recycle it. A solution was proposed: to take men, graft their organs to the inside of a massive suit, and brainwash them into taking care of the kids. They were also given a pheromone that the children would be attracted to. Big Daddy became a widely used slang term for one of these guardians, while the children were called Little Sisters.

Johnny was one of the men transformed into a Big Daddy. He was also the first of the Daddies to be successfully bonded with a single child. He was stripped of his name and became Subject Delta, signifying he was the fourth project. Delta's bond was different from the Daddies made after him, since he was physically dependent on being near his counterpart. His bonded child was Eleanor Lamb. Eleanor's mother was local psychiatrist named Sofia. Sofia had clashing political ideas with Ryan, and because of this she was thrown in jail during Ryan's reign. Stanley was brought to care for her personal estate while she was imprisoned. He began to live his life in excess and threw lavish parties on her land. Eleanor eventually argued with Stanley over spending her mother's money on such things, and Stanley sold her off to an orphanage. She would be turned into a Little Sister at the same orphanage. Sometime later she'd be bound to Delta. Delta lived some time as a mindless Big Daddy, but soon the situation caught up to him.

Eleanor was attacked by a group of people. He defended her, but was hit by a hypnotizing plasmid in the struggle. This attack left him dazed, confused, and open to any and all suggestions. Sofia Lamb had broken out of jail, and she was behind this abduction. She prompted Delta to kneel, then to kill himself. Delta tried to fight back in vain, but he failed to resist the command. Sofia then took Eleanor and claimed Ryan's status after his death. Sofia began to fully spread her propaganda to the surviving people, almost all of which were horrendously changed by ADAM addiction. She gathered insane amounts of followers and tried to create "Utopians." Utopians were creatures Sofia regarded as the highest a person could evolve to be. Sofia truly believed she could create a perfect human being by funneling all the memories and drives of the population in Rapture into one being. ADAM contained memories of others, so she tried to use it for her purposes. She also researched brainwashing to make such a creature was absolutely selfless and upheld the common good. The first man who stepped forward was Gil Alexander. Gil previously worked for Ryan and had much to do with the creation of Big Daddies. He offered himself up as a test subject to the Utopian project. This project was an utter failure, as Alexander went insane due to such a high dosage of ADAM. After her kidnapping, Eleanor was the second take at making a Utopian.

She was kept in a vegetative state and force fed the memories of others. Eleanor became sentient through the Little Sisters and started to act through them. At this point, Tenenbaum had returned to Rapture to rescue children that were being taken from the surface to fill the need for more Little Sisters. She was contacted through a Little Sister under Eleanor's control, and successfully rewrote Delta's programming to revive the man's mind within the monster. Eleanor then used a Little Sister to revive Delta remotely within a Vita Chamber. Vita Chambers were tubular structures capable of reanimating the dead. Delta awoke ten years after Eleanor's abduction. His mind had human consciousness. He was no longer animalistic and simple. A woman's voice over his short wave radio prompted him to awaken. The voice was Tenenbaum. The circumstances were dire. There wasn't enough ADAM for the junkies. To pacify this, Sofia manufactured creatures that prowled the coastlines for new young girls add to Rapture's ranks. She called these monsters Big Sisters. All Big Sisters were built up upon a Little Sisters after they had grown up and became useless for their original purposes.

Tenenbaum's return was fueled by rescuing these new Little Sisters, and stopping Sofia. Delta began searching for Eleanor just as he awoke, even in the face of a stalking Big Sister. He was prompted by Tenenbaum to meet her at the nearby train station. He obliged, but did suffer some setbacks. Eventually he did make it to the station, mentally receiving soothing messages from Eleanor along the way. Tenenbaum then told Delta of his past, of his bond, and that Eleanor was being kept on the other side of the city. His meeting with her was short lived, as Sofia monitored his location and sent her followers after him. Delta held the group off until Tenenbaum, and the children she already rescued, successfully escaped. He was then introduced to Sinclair via radio transmission. Delta had no recollection of Sinclair's past, so he took the man as an ally. Sinclair pointed Delta towards a local amusement park as the next stop on the way and said he would meet Delta there. Delta then boarded the nearby train and followed Sinclair's instructions.

The station out of Ryan Amusements was frozen over. The ice had to be melted for them to continue. This prompted him to search for the Incinerate plasmid, which would let him summon fire. Sinclair told him it's general location, and Delta hunted after it. Delta had to adopt Little Sisters to get Incinerate and other plasmids to come. He adopted his first one in the amusement park area. Delta first killed the child's Daddy escort. Then he acted as her guardian, protecting her while she harvested ADAM for him. Afterward he was offered the option to either turn the girl back into a human being, or kill her to harvest all her remaining ADAM. He stayed fast on his moral ground despite Sinclair's reasoning and rescued his first Little Sister. All along the rest of the way, he would save these children. Delta didn't get away from Ryan Amusements unscathed. A Big Sister attacked him just after he purchased Incinerate. A vicious battle ensued, which ended in the Big Sister's death. This would be the first of many he'd have to fight off. Delta then boarded the train for a second time and continued to the next stop. This time he was accompanied by Sinclair in person. They set their sights on the poor district of Rapture, as it was the next stop. This region was called Pauper's Drop. Sofia caught on to Delta's plan and decided to trap him within the area. The only way out was to confront the self acclaimed owner of the area, Grace Holloway. Holloway had an override key that Delta needed to proceed.

Holloway taunted him over his radio almost instantly after he stepped into her territory. She called him a monster and claimed he stole Eleanor away. Delta faced a few setbacks at Pauper's Drop, too, as the unruly ADAM addicts were aligned with Grace. Eventually he found Grace, who treated him with disgust. Grace put the key down on a nearby table and anticipated her death. Delta was furious with her, as any man would be in that situation. However, he refused to kill her. Instead, he took the key and left. Grace would soon become an ally, and called Delta a "thinkin' man", where the account name comes from!

The train once again was boarded and moved, but didn't hit it's mark. A preacher man named Father Wales interrupted the train by shooting a torpedo at it. The rocket collided with the train, which caused Delta to be ejected and trapped Sinclair within Sofia's personal estate. The estate was flooded, leaving Sinclair with a limited amount of air. Sinclair frantically told Delta to go to the nearby pumping station, and get the pumps working again. The two of them couldn't move forward unless the water was drained. Delta had to kill both the preacher and his brother, but eventually made his way to the pump. Sofia then overloaded said pumps. This system overload caused the building to collapse. Delta escaped the crumbling building and moved into the estate Sinclair was trapped within. Sinclair and Delta weren't alone in the newly drained park. Stanley spoke up to the pair and locked the station down. Stanley offered a trade. He'd open the railway if Delta got rid of the Little Sisters in the area. Stanley also told Delta about ADAM's other quirk, it included the memories of the dead. Sofia learned how to read the encoded memories, and Stanley couldn't have his secrets let out. Sadly Delta didn't remember Stanley's past either. Eleanor began communicating with Delta readily, able to read the ADAM just as well as Sophia. She went to explain Stanley's excess and how he was the cause of their problems. Stanley was also the man who flooded the entire estate to cover himself up.

Despite the rage he felt, Delta turned the other cheek and continued on. He forgave Stanley for his misdeeds and also refused to kill the cowering man. Finally, the train continued on to Fontaine Futuristics. Delta was told by Sinclair to sneak into Sofia's hideout under the building. Delta was greeted by a video diary of Gil Alexander before he went mad. The voice of Gil became a guide. Delta didn't have to wait long to see signs of Gil's current state. The crazed man was in control of a small, flying robot that transmitted his voice through a loud speaker. It was clear that Gil was clinically insane, calling himself Alexander the Great and blabbing all manner of craziness! Delta had no choice but to follow the video diaries left by Gil in the past and also discovered the other surviving Alpha series on the way. None of the remaining Alpha series had their bonded. This lack of a child caused most to fall into a coma, while the survivors went insane. Delta eventually made his way through the facility and came face to face with the failed Utopian.

He was prompted by Gil's video diary to kill him, and after some debate he finally pulled the plug to put the man out of his misery. This event was the most trying of his "decisions" in Rapture. He didn't kill him out of any sort of malice, but he viewed Gil as permantly suffering and in agony. Gil had no hope, and as a result, Delta killed him out of mercy, knowing that death would be a better solution than suffering in a tank for the rest of his life. Gil wanted to go outside, and Delta provided that. He also received Gil's genetic key from a sample, which he needed to unlock Sofia's hideout. He then moved on and infiltrated the alleged location of Sofia and Eleanor, Persephone. Delta rushed to the quarantine area, only to find Eleanor trapped within it. He instantly attempted to get her out of the containment chamber. However, Sofia walked in through the back of the chamber while Delta was waiting for it to allow him access. Sofia then apologized to her unconscious daughter, before she put a pillow over Eleanor's face. He eventually did get into the chamber while Sofia was snuffing the life out of her daughter. He struggled, but Sofia stopped Eleanor's heart long enough for him to lapse into unconsciousness and for the bond between them to break. Eleanor's heart started again, but Delta was already taken and chained down to a table.

Being near Eleanor couldn't keep him alive anymore. Eleanor brought a Little Sister to Delta while he was imprisoned. The Little Sister gave him the temporary ability to control her, and when in the child's body he unlocked his own holding chamber and Eleanor's. He also heard Sophia announce that Sinclair was spotted on the premises. Eleanor found the only way to save Delta's life and her own was to turn into a Big Sister and escape to the surface with him. Delta gathered the parts of a Big Sister suit and gave them to Eleanor. She then explained to Delta that the Little Sisters were all partially made from her mind. The Little Sisters trusted Delta due to parts of his bonded being within them. Afterward Eleanor put the pieces of the suit together and slipped into the skin of a creature that looked..well..kind of like him. Delta woke up in his true body after he delivered the parts. Eleanor slipped into to his cell and freed him from his bindings. The pair started their escape soon after. Of course, Sofia soon learned of Delta's escape and attempted to push the entire city into a trench with explosives. The two of them were on borrowed time. Eleanor instructed Delta to find Sinclair in the fray. Sinclair had the key to a lifeboat attached to Persephone, and now it was their only chance at getting out alive. Sofia soon locked down the path to the lifeboat. There was a way to reverse the lock-down in the holding wing, so they headed there.

During this, Delta struggled to stay alive despite his failing bond. On the way to the holding wing he found Sinclair. To his horror, Sinclair had been turned into a Big Daddy by Sofia. Sinclair struggled to talk but couldn't prevent himself from running away. Delta pursued, needing the key he carried. Sinclair ended up locking himself in a room. He told Delta to kill him. Delta hesitated but eventually slipped into a maintenance shaft and lit an oil slick next to Sinclair, luring him out. He had no choice but to kill Sinclair to get the key, despite his best efforts to prevent his death. Delta overrode the security curfew, so he and Eleanor headed back to the lifeboat. Once there they discovered that Sofia had overloaded the boat with water, which made it far too heavy to take off. Eleanor proposed the plan to use her energy, and the energy of the rest of the Little Sisters to boil off the water. To get the Sisters needed, Delta and Eleanor broke into the various pediatric wards and released them. The Sisters were all brought to the lifeboat and boiled the excess water away. After this, Delta finally released the docking mechanism. He moved to the elevator afterward and boarded it to get on the ship. Sofia set up explosives just before the ship's entrance. Eleanor teleported away, while Delta was left to deal with the failing structure. The hallway collapsed, but he managed to grab onto the ascending ship. He'll be taken from being on the ship.

Due to a combination of his failing bond and injuries, he died on top of the vessel. Before he died, Eleanor drained the ADAM from his body and took it within herself, successfully allowing Delta to live on within her.

Delta is an intelligent man by all respects. He isn't capable of speech but is quick to think. The lack of verbal communication gives him a sort of gruff air. Delta is known to be very philosophical and compassionate by nature. Kindness comes from deep within the man's heart, even if he can't entirely avoid murder. He’s been touched by murder, and doesn’t shy away from necessary deaths or bloodshed. He has an iron stomach when it comes to gore, because, well..he has to. Also, he forgives grave wrongs against him in order to keep his honor and to serve as an example to other people. He believes in being a good influence. Delta fits the personification of knight in shining armor almost to a T. Delta barely has an evil bone in his body. He does what is necessary, and what he believes is right. His smarts is seen in his ability to find Rapture by himself. He successfully got access to a diving chamber to find the city.

His wit is pretty damn sharp, and sometimes this can get him into trouble. He is also curious, which is what started this whole mess to begin with. Delta stuck his nose into Rapture's business for SCIENCE! He is extremely protective, especially of children and the people he loves. He can be a little bit overprotective, but he means well. Delta also keeps his allies very close. At times he can act like a father figure to everyone. His instinct is to be a dad!! He doesn't believe in absolute good or evil.

He believes in people, and he believes life is sacred. Victory for him, is mercy. The man hates extremism; therefore he chooses to exist somewhere between the left and right in his political beliefs. In his canon he forgives a woman who attempts to kill him with her followers, and a man who sells his daughter out to become a Little Sister. These two events show how likely he is to turn the other cheek to wrongdoings. Okay, so he turns the other cheek. His natural tendency to forgive doesn't mean he will take wrongs sitting down. He doesn't shy away from killing people in self defense. Delta does appear almost humorless at first, as a man who exists only to get down to business.

He also has a habit of acting pretty insecure about his physical appearance and origins. The stigma of being a monster still stays with him through his time in Rapture. After warming up to an individual he can be fairly quick to communicate but mostly sticks to his quiet nature. He’s a bit on the shy side! From Rapture he also has severe difficulty sleeping and some emotional trauma. He’s been through getting his throat ripped out and watching little girls interact with corpses. It’s kind of hard not to be scarred by that shit emotionally. From his actions people can view him as not very emotional. How could a man forgive those kind of things? In truth, he isn't as emotionless as he appears. Delta feels a wide range of emotions, including rage due to his situation back at Rapture.

His actions are always debated and thought through, mainly inspired by the legacy he desires to leave his daughter and the people who would come after him. He really is a person who thinks things through before he acts. He has a big heart. His sense of empathy is intense, and he's very sensitive by nature. This is both his key strength but also a weakness. Someone can easily take advantage of his endearing nature and stab him in the back. He’s so “good” that he’s just asking for back stabbing. Delta can be too trusting at times, too. His daughter is his main source of motivation. She's where his true hopes rest.

Delta is a very caring father. He'll gladly sacrifice his life for his child and outwardly yearns for a peaceful life. He doesn't get any kicks out of fighting. He'd much rather be at peace. Delta would be happiest just chillin’. He’s a lover in a fighter’s body. Finally, Delta isn't one to mope and groan about his life, but Rapture still haunts him.

Abilites/Special Powers: He's a big dude, so strength is there. The added armor of his suit also makes him resilient. He's not as powerful as other Big Daddies in his canon, but is faster by comparison. As an Alpha series, he's perfectly capable of wielding heavy weaponry. His real abilities are in strength and endurance, while he's as slower than average. Delta would be considered a tank by all accounts!!

Furthermore, he does have access to plasmids. Plasmids, explained in canon background, are genetic abilities. Each one can be chosen or picked consciously, influencing Delta's left hand, such as his hand being encased in ice with Winter Blast. He can chain this shit, meaning flaming bees is a possibility.

Plasmid list:

-Incinerate 3 : Commands a continual column of fire from the left hand. This can be used for mundane things like starting fires or cooking. -Winter Blast 3: Commands a continual column of ice
-Telekinesis 1: Gives the ability to toss some objects, granted they are not very heavy. He cannot toss living people. Dead bodies, though, are an exception.
-Summon Eleanor: Sends out a distress signal to Eleanor. (lol now its applicable)
-Insect Swarm 2: A family of hornets live in his left hand when summoned, capable of attacking and distracting foes.
-Electro Bolt 3: A summon-able stream of electricity.

Delta also has gene tonics, genetic upgrades that do not use up eve reserves and are considered always on. A list of the relevant one's is as follows:

-Sports Boost: Makes Delta move slightly faster, but he's still pretty slow.
-Armored Shell 2: Reduces damage.
-Walking Inferno: Increases the power of Delta's fire abilities while he takes less damage from fire based attacks.
-Freezing Drill: Causes his drill to be covered in ice. Hitting a target with this drill may freeze an opponent. This also lengthens the time someone stays frozen with his Winter Blast or otherwise.

Third-Person Sample:
Again. What did they mean, again? He sure didn't remember being here, at least not for a year. He didn't recall Mark Meltzer giving birth to seahorse babies or being transformed into a zombie and going on a rampage. No, he had nothing, luckily there were no memories of his encounters with Lamb within Wonderland's walls. Many of the things people told him were ridiculous, but...How else would they ever known his name? least the name they called him. Everything here was preposterous. Nothing made any logical sense, but it was real. The questions, along with their implications, were staggering. There was not much more for him to do but sit in the solitude of his own room, glowing helmet hanging off his shoulders, a cigarette in his mouth. (Smoking in Rapture is a given.)

His mind swam with questions that didn't have answers. Where did many of the people he met here go? Did they just vanish into thin air, dematerialize never to be found again? And how did he only spend a split second at home, when here, many months ticked by and the trees were already blooming again. There wasn't any kind of deja vu. There wasn't any kind of familiarity. He couldn't even find his way to the beach, let alone navigate the intricate corridors. He thought of Eleanor, a grown woman, strong enough to stand on her own two feet. Could there be a way for him to leave here with his faculties intact? Could he find her again and survive Rapture's grasp?

He wanted to more than anything in the world, and as he snuffed his cigarette on a nearby ashtray he promised himself that he would never surrender. He would never lose hope. It was the only thing he ever had.

First-Person Sample: I'm sorry ifd I don't rememnber any of you. I resally don't remember anything from the past two times I've been here. I know it's hard to believe, but this whole place is hard to believe, at leasst for me. Can any of you tell me what hapopened when I was here before? I also know all of you are loiooking for a way to escape. It probably isn't something obvious. What about the cloiusets? Has anyone tried to break through the back wall? There has to be a place where all the objects come from.

//eway stats

Deaths: 0
Forgotten Words: 0
Enemies: 0
Friends: everyone.
Loves: 0

Fights: 0