Feb. 5th, 2012 08:39 pm
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- Delta was a novelist, specifically writing about urban legends and myths.

- He likes shitty old monster movies. :o

-Delta is roughly 7' tall. His suit alone is 400lbs (believe it or not typical of the period!!), not counting body weight, putting him at over 600 lbs total.

-Delta probably IS the biological father of Eleanor. Nope, this doesn't mean he's Lamb's boyfriend, gross. It means Lamb used his DNA to create Eleanor. This was seen in an audio message deleted from the game, saying that Lamb purchased his DNA at random. The file wasn't in the game itself, but is still in there. Idk if I'm making this headcanon, it doesn't matter anyway.

-Eating = remove helmet. There's no other explanation. :l

-Delta is around 46 years old!!

-He smokes pretty frequently.

-Delta's face is messed up. A part of his jawbone is visible, one of his eyes appears damaged, and his skin is extremely pale and wrinkled. His eyes, obviously, are bright fucking yellow, and slightly luminescent.


-Delta will have trouble typing in the beginning. As he gets used to the keypad and learns to take more time, his typos will become less apparent.

//eway stats

Deaths: 0
Forgotten Words: 0
Enemies: 0
Friends: everyone.
Loves: 0

Fights: 0